Practice Areas

Trials and appeals in all courts and tribunals of all kinds in the land; all civil, criminal, and special matters; complex and commercial litigation, emergency actions for temporary restraining orders, injunctions, judicial declarations, claim and delivery, and other provisional relief; actions to compel discovery or effectuate other process in aid of the jurisdiction of foreign states and nations under full faith and credit clause, uniform acts, and treaties; copyright, trademark, and patent litigation

Business and corporate law, shareholder and corporate rights; partner and partnership rights, business break-ups, dissolution, business torts, intellectual property, trademark, trade dress, invasion of privacy and misappropriation of name and likeness, copyright, trade secret and employee and executive non-competition and confidentiality contracts; unfair competition, misappropriation of assets, tangible and intangible, officer and director liability; contracts; representation in claims for state and federal back taxes and defense of IRS collection proceedings and liens; banking; credit card issuer liability; lender liability; stock transactions and stock appraisal proceedings; business defamation and slander; insurance coverage; securities and tax litigation; antitrust; Lanham Act; collections and foreclosures; prosecution and defense of claims for sales commissions; manufacturers' representative claims, debtor-creditor rights, usury, law of credit card processing and electronic funds transfers, uniform commercial code, fraud in the sale of business and in the sale of equipment, insurance adjustment claims and recoveries for loss of personal property and injury to real property from fire and other casualty and first response contractors claims and defenses, bankruptcy petitions and adversary proceedings; machinery and equipment appraisal disputes; civil RICO; state and federal securities law and practice; corporate tax

Class action litigation in state and federal courts, securities class action litigation, multi-party, multi-district litigation, litigation, shareholder derivative actions, intervention, receiverships

Employment law and litigation, prosecution and defense of unjust dismissal claims, breach of employment contract, employee right to know, employee privacy, unfair labor practices, prosecution and defense of claims for discharge in violation of public policy, age, race, sex, and height discrimination, minority shareholder oppression claims, whistleblower's rights, unemployment and worker's compensation claims, Social Security claims, claims for dismissal in violation of civil and other statutory rights, OSHA investigations and penalty dispute matters

Criminal law and litigation, white collar, corporate piracy, RICO, toxin-impaired and influenced driving, domestic abuse, fraud prevention planning, corporate compliance and investigations

Family law and litigation, protection of the young and the disabled, family law and litigation, child custody, paternity, civil and canon law annulments, planning and protecting rights of the developmentally disabled, prosecution of claims of minors including claims for bullying, stalking, and protection from physical, emotional, and social media abuse, third-party rights and liabilities, community and public mental health law and litigation

Personal and professional injury law and litigation, negligence, product liability, toxic tort, prosecution and defense of all claims for physical, mental, and intangible injuries, prosecution and defense of claims for professional malpractice (medical malpractice, legal malpractice, accounting malpractice, architectural malpractice)(maladministration of accounts, trusts and estates); counsel and representation in legal and judicial ethics and related disciplinary proceedings; automobile, industrial, and workplace accidents; wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, defamation, invasion of privacy, false light, misappropriation, asbestos claims, other toxic and environmental torts

Constitutional law and civil rights litigation; consumer protection law and litigation, constitutional torts, civil rights and constitutional rights claims -- prosecution and defense; liability of stadium, arena, and event owners, operators, promoters; liability of peace officers, security officers and private security guards; responsibility of police officers; police brutality; litigation of claims under federal and state civil rights acts, Fair Housing Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act claims; actions under state and federal freedom of information and open meetings statutes; mandamus, quo warranto, and qui tam proceedings, first, fourth, fifth, and fourteenth amendment violations; local government and municipal corporation law

Sports, entertainment, and media law,

contract and other rights of entertainers, professional athletes, creative artists, public figures; liablity for injury to spectators; liability of publishers and broadcasters; liability of sports arena owners and operators, state and municipal liability

International law, international sales of goods; litigation and process between citizens of different nations; interpretation and litigation of treaties on commercial and human rights laws (se habla Espanol); international service of process and discovery

Real estate transactions and litigation, title and boundary disputes; landlord-tenant (commercial and residential) prosecution and defense of lease enforcement claims; plat amendment; Fair Housing Act planning, investigations, and litigation; land use and planning, variance applications, zoning, zoning appeals, deeds of fiduciaries, condemnation; fire and safety code litigation and counsel; construction law and litigation; construction lien law; actions for real estate broker's and salesperson's commissions; rights and liabilities of real estate brokers and salespersons; defense against wrongful foreclosure; actions to quiet title and for slander of title; easements in gross and easements appurtenant, rights and liabilities of condominium and homeowners associations; rights and liabilities of associations and members under summer resort association statutes

Estate planning; elder care planning; probate and juvenile proceedings, representation of juveniles, disabled adults, beneficiaries and fiduciaries under trusts and wills; asset and wealth protection; estate and tax planning; qualificatiion and representation of elderly and the poor on claims and qualifications for Medicare and Medicaid benefits; trusts and estate administration and litigation; will contests; claims in decedents' estates; litigation of contracts to make a will; guardianships, conservatorships, protective proceedings; parental and juvenile rights


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